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Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes Part 2.

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Learn Chinese in 5 minutes (You MUST read them out loud)

1) I hurt myself on the coffee table ---- Ai bang mai ni

2) Did someone fertilize the field? ---- Hu flung dung?

3) Late night Chinese talk show ---- Jai li no

4) Are you trying to save electricty? ---- Wai so dim?

5) You're blowing your diet ---- Wai yu mun ching?

6) When two Chinese people have a white baby ---- Tsum ting wong

7) Premature infant ---- Ti ni bai bi

8) I did not take a shower ---- Mi no shao wa

9) Do not light up a cigarette ---- Kno tsmo king

10) You look like you've gained weight ---- Chin tu fat

11) This is an interesting meal ---- Tayst lyk pooh

12) You're very pretty ---- Mi tso hor ni

13) You stepped on my foot - Wai yu do dat?

14) Is the bus late? ---- Hao long wai ding?

15) Why are you singing a Spice Girls song? - Wai yu sing dum song?

16) I have no money - Mi so poah