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Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes Part 3.

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Learn Chinese in 5 minutes (You MUST read them out loud)

1) I stepped in poop ---- Dung on mai shu

2) Romantic proposition ---- Cho mai dong

3) Ancient Chinese invention ---- Gun pao der

4) Approach me ---- Kum hia

5) Gilligan's Island ---- Lao zi sho

6) Not very good ---- Fe wing lao zi

7) A great acheivement of the American space program ---- Moon lan ding

8) A ligthing fixture used in an advertising sign ---- Ne ahn

9) A bashful person ---- Shai gai

10) Serving drinks to people ---- Ten ding ba

11) A person with tuberculosis ---- Wan bum lung

12) Your vacation in Hawaii agrees with you ---- Yu mai te tan

13) There is no reason to raise your voice ---- Wai u shao ting?